Monday, October 31, 2005

Best Free Proxy List

By far my best and favorite proxy list is It contains a list of proxies that are effective and seem to work well. Also they have great speed and the site is the easiest to use. For people who have Firefox there is a great extention called SwitchProxy Tool. It allows you to very easily change your proxy and even has a a feature that allows you to create a list of several proxies and alternate them on a time intereval. If you are even thinking about using a proxy on Firefox you must download this.

Google to sell more ads than anyone else

This year, Google will sell more ads than any other media source in the world. Google sells ads for its AdSense program. Google uses the ads on the search results to provide relevant text ads related to the search query. People can also sign up for the program to place the ads on their own site, and then get a cut of the profits per click. AdSense is the program we use to place ads on this site.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Killer Tech-News About the Blog

Just wanted to let you all know about what's to come very soon.
First, the most notable change to our site is the addition of ads. As much as we hate ads and don't want to put them on the site, it is a good way for us to collect money to add more stuff to the site.
In the next few weeks we will be getting a domain name for the site. I am currently working on a new design for the site that will add more fucntionality but still have similar characteristics to the current theme, and still have part of the site be a blog-style news portal. Because is taken, a slight name change is planned.
Also, as was obvious, last week we did not post a podcast. Hopefully we will get around to making one soon. Maybe once the new site is launched and we have some more freedom as to what we can do.
More information is to come!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Remove Windows XP's Messenger's Ads

Kill MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger from your processes completley.
1. Search for links.txt and open in notepad
2. Delete all info in the file so it is empty and save
3. Right click the files and choose properties. Then check as Read-Only
4. Find MSN's logo.gif and delete it or rename it something else
5. Now if you want your own picture get it and rename it logo.gif and make it what ever you want
6. Now go to and download Trillian, the best chat program in the world that is compatible with everything you would ever use to chat. Trillian is my personal favorite because I don't have to run AIM, WIM, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo, and any IRC or ICQ you want!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Lamborghini Gallardo

A Lamborghini Gallardo at Grand Central Terminal

Cleaning up your PC

For all you people who download freeware and random apps know after a few years it adds up and will fill up your computer. Here are someways too keep your hard drive on empty and your ram usage low with all those damn .dll threads.

For one, clear out your temp folder. Go to run and then put in %temp%. Then delete everything in this folder that you can(you cannot delete files being used so don't worry if it says it cannot delete) and leave ones that won't delete.

Now delete your internet cache. Your internet chache is a folder where your web pages are stored for quick viewing later. To delete open your web browser and under options check clear cache and stored pages as long as clear cookies. There is an option for how much space your browser is allowd to use for these files. Depending how big your hard drive is you can set that yourself.

Delete your custom or downloaded fonts! Fonts often use up a lot of space and slow down word processors. Too many may cause your word processor to crash frequently.

After you have done the above the its time to defragment your hard drive. As you probably know go to Start-programs- accesories-system tools- disk defrag. This helps a lot and should be done 2 or 3 times a year depending on how bad you are with installing and uninstalling programs.

If you really know what your doing you should clean out registry files from old programs. This file may help you.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Apple to hold another press conference

Apple will be holding yet another press conference on October 19th in New York. Apple had a press conference on Wednesday to announce the new iPod Video and upgrades the iMac. It is unknown what will be the topic of the press conference, but it will likely be updates to Apple products.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Incredible High-Res image of Earth from Space in winter '04

A NASA satellite image of the earth from Winter of 2004.

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Digital Life

On Saturday, I will be going to Digital Life at the Jacob Javitz Center. Digital Life is a computer conference held annually at the Javitz Center. There are usually several product announcements and plenty of free stuff to go around. I will have all the highlights posted to the blog with my cell phone and cell phone camera, as well as a post Sunday morning. I think we will also be doing the podcast on Sunday, because I won't be able to do it on Saturday.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Video iPod Announced

Apple, in their special "And One More Thing..." event, announced the much anticipated video iPod. The new iPod has a larger screen than the normal iPod (it's color) and is 30% thinner. It comes in black or white, in 30GB or 60GB models.

Apple also announced a new version of iTunes (version 6) and new thinner iMacs.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Skype Podcasting Update

Along with the help of Google, I found a script (that the Linux Link Tech Show uses) that allows you to record both sides of a Skype conversation. This will allow us to record the podcast over Skype. We will test and play around with the script, and hopefully be able to use it for this weekend's first show.

Killer Tech Podcast to be Launched!

I would like to announce that starting this weekend, I will be recording the first ever weekly Killer Tech Podcast! I have set up the ability to record the podcast, upload it, and post it and make it accessible to any podcatching program. The podcast will cover technology news and new gadgets, just like this blog. It will discuss topics both on the blog, and not mentioned on the blog. I am also looking into the ability to record over Skype, so both DIRTRIDER32191 and I can be on the podcast. The podcast will be in 64KBps MP3 audio. I will be posting more updates as I figure out how this will be done.

Another note, is that the podcast feed is located at The feed, when added to a podcatcher, will automatically download audio as it becomes available, when posted on this blog. If you subscribe to it in a normal RSS news reader, you should be able to get all the posts to the blog. However, for receiving the RSS for the site, it is still a good idea to use the Atom feed (

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger)

Just 2 days until the latest version of Ubuntu Linux is released. On October 13th 2005, Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger) will be officially released as the stable version of the Ubuntu Linux Operating System. The Breezy release is the third release of Ubuntu Linux, which debuted in October of 2004. Ubuntu releases a new version of the Debian-based operating system every six months, or April and October of every year.

The new version is the second Linux-base operating system to come with Gnome 2.12, the latest version of the popular desktop environment. Breezy also debuts a new boot screen (instead of the text boot) as well as the latest version of 2.0.

Breezy is also the first release for a subproject of Ubuntu, named Edubuntu. Edubuntu is geared at designing an operating system for use in schools.

Breezy is already available in the Preview Release (released several days before the stable release). You can download that and install it and then update packages as they become available and end up with the stable release. Also, if you already have Hoary or Warty installed, you can upgrade to Breezy right now.
For more information, check out the Ubuntu Web Site.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Peer to Peer File Sharing at its Best

In todays world of P2P filesharing it can be hard to do anything without problems of some sort. KaZaA is very popular but it contains spyware and is heavy on your machine. I found a great alternative with the same content that works exactley the same without all that bad stuff. is free and contains nothing bad. To properly install it simply uninstall KaZaA if you have it installed and run an anti-virus program to eliminate spyware and addware. Then install KaZaA Lite and you are good to go.

Google Launches Web-Based RSS Reader

Google has launched a new addition to their family of web-based tools you can use: an RSS Reader. Google's newest beta project is a web-based RSS reader with an interface similar to Gmail. The page includes the ability to import/export feeds with the use of an OPML file, add new feeds by URL, and search for new feeds using Google.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Restore Registry Defaults in XP and 2003

If you have accidentaly or victim of getting your registry screwed up and wish to restore it to default its easy. There is a special string with the default version at HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT.

A great refrence point for people who screw around with thier registry too much and good for all the subsequent new users on a machine.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Remove Unwanted Popups in XP

Once and a while you may get a popup or two when your browser is closed. These are not from the site you are on or from Windows. This is usualy result of spyware that pulls them and other stuff (spyware ect.) off a server straight to your computer! Lucky for you and me this can be easily fixed and this worked for me.

1. Right click My Computer and select Manager.
2. In the console that opens click Services and Applications and then click services.
3. Select messanger service and turn it off. also set the startup type for Messanger Service to Disabled.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Office 12 to have native PDF support

Microsoft has confirmed that Office 12 (the next version of Office) will contain support for the popular PDF format. PDF has grown in popularity and a number of tools have been created, including Adobe Acrobat for creating and viewing PDF documents. Office 12 will be the first Microsoft Office product to contain PDF support, but there have been plenty of free tools, including the free rival to Microsoft Office,, which has had PDF support for over 2 years.

Crack Internet Explorer Passwords

If you have parents or at a public place with Internet Explorer and it is password protected to restrict content a simple regedit can put you in control. It deletes the password for Microsoft Internet Explorer so you can change its settings or view restricted sites. ALWAYS BACK UP THE REGISTRY YOU EDIT!

1. Start-Run-regedit
2. Type HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\\Policies\Ratings
3. There are two enteries: Rating and Default. Delete Ratings. DO NOT TOUCH DEFAULT!
4.Do a search of your C Drive(or what ever drive your system folder is in) for ratings.pol and delete it.

Now you should have reset Internet Explorers password and can download FireFox so you won't have that problem again.

Wikipedia is better than Encyclopedia Britannica

Those who have voiced skepticism over the reliability of information found in Wikipedia should take note of this. The collaboratively assembled encyclopedia maintains a page devoted to correcting errors in its chief offline competitor, the venerable Encyclopedia Britannica.

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Change IP Address in Windows XP

One thing any Internet user should know is how to change their IP Address. This little piece of information is the first thing many sites can see about you as soon as you visit. Thankfully, unless you have a static IP Address for running your own web server, IP addresses can be easily changed.

How you change your IP address depends on how you connect to the Internet. If your computer connects directly to the Internet or you would like to change the IP address you have on your LAN, you can use the command prompt utility called ipconfig.

First open a new Command Prompt window in XP. The Command Prompt can often be found in the Programs menu under Accessories. To familiarize yourself with whats going on, type "ipconfig" (without the quotes). This shows your IP address and other stuff like your internet adapter and modem. For an extended view put in ipconfig/displaydns. This will show you more stuff that can come in handy when digging up IP's for servers at work or at school. Now, to renew (change) your IP, type "ipconfig/renew". Now you have a new IP address.

If you are a broadband Internet subscriber and have a separate stand-alone modem, the easiest way to change your IP address is to unplug the modem, wait 30 seconds to a minute, and then plug it back in. This will force the modem to go out to the ISP again and get a new IP address. Often times there will be a way to reset your IP address somewhere in the modem's options but this varies by modem brand and ISP, and can often take longer.

If you would like to check your IP address (before or after changing it), you can use a service like