Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Much of the previous content I featured on this blog was focused on
Linux. Since that time, Linux has evolved into a more advanced
operating system and is in a position to gain wider use in many
embedded and desktop (as well as server) applications. While it
certainly has its own uses, I have recently purchased a MacBook Pro
and become a fully-initiated member of the Cult of Mac. While I intend
to move this blog toward a greater focus on Mac and Apple news, I
still have a huge interest in other computer topics, and my posts to
this blog will reflect that. I hope you will stay tuned as a begin to
post new tips and tricks for Macs as well as more captivating articles
on all things tech.

Check back soon for my article on the upcoming MacWorld conference,
which should have some huge surprises in store. I will be giving my
take on the rumors, since it seems everyone has their own opinion on
just what Steve Jobs has up his sleeve this time.

Back Online

Well, after over a year since my last post and even longer since the
Killer Tech site was routinely updated, I am returning to the blogging
scene. I have a lot of new material I want to share on this blog and
intend to bring it in a new direction while maintaining the same kind
of interesting content that helped this blog reach over 5,000 unique
visits in the last two years. Be sure to check back often because all
sorts of new information, all tech related, but not necessarily as
tightly focused as before) in the near future. I hope you enjoy the
new content I will be bringing to this blog, and I encourage you as
always to share the information with others and to comment and
interact with me on the blog and elsewhere.