Thursday, November 10, 2005

Nokia Begins Shipping Internet Tablet

Nokia began shipping their Debian Linux-based "Internet Tablet". The tablet does not have cell-phone capabilites, but can connect to Wi-Fi hotspots to access the Internet. It is the first handheld device to show the full width of the page. It then allows you to pan and zoom the page via controls on the side.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fix iTunes Delayed Startup Freezing and Problems Importing Music

One thing that happened to me and a few other people is that iTunes freezes or is delayed on startup and freezes or crashes or delays when importing music or connecting an iPod. The fix for this is very simple. If you have a newer computer the reason it does this is usually because of a problem with your CD drive(s). IDE or SCI bus drives may be interfering with one another. This may be cause of running a Virtual Drive. I may be assuming wrong but I am assuming that people running one know how to disable it using the Device Manager. If this isn't the case and your computer is older you need to updsate your Bus Driver. The best way is to find out your chipset and go to whom ever makes your motherboard which is different than your PC maker and go to their support page. If you have no virtual drives running, your computer has new hardware, and your Bus Drivers are up to date than the problem is that you have your IDE and SCI drives on the same driver and you need to reconfigure them.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

By 2009 80% Of laptops will be widescreen

Read this article describing why the notebook industry plans on continuing this trend toward widescreens on notebooks. Very interesting read!

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